Site Performance Assessments

EQE® Site Performance Assessments are on-site natural hazards and/or terrorism risk assessments for corporations, insurers and reinsurers, and governments. We work globally and deliver superior results due to our unparalleled knowledge base of the real-world effects of disasters. Site Performance Assessments™ enable clients to understand how their facilities will perform in a natural disaster as well as what they can do to reduce those risks cost-effectively.

Site Performance Assessments go far beyond the basic risk-control surveys provided by brokers, insurers, engineers, or others. Our consultants are highly skilled with specialized experience  who consider the entire range of potential disaster effects. This is possible because we systematically investigate and learn from the past performance of thousands of actual businesses, facilities, systems and buildings in disasters worldwide. Contact us.

Risk Engineering for Nuclear Power

In the nuclear power industry, EQE® is a leader in experience-based seismic analysis and qualification, including Seismic Margin Assessment (SMA) and Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA). See our nuclear service offerings


EQE®, together with its Affiliate Specialists, have extensive capabilities and experience in terrorist and process-driven risk dating back to 1945. We consult on risks and strategy for single sites or across a company’s operations.

We specialize in assessment of risk and blast vulnerability, as well as strategic guidance for threat mitigation. Determining potential losses and protecting against them cost-effectively begins with our experience and proprietary knowledge base:

  • Identifying threats including explosives, rocket-propelled grenades or mortars, forced entry (small arms)
  • Business interruption, property loss and casualty estimates
  • Identifying blast vulnerabilities and characterizing type and intensity of blasts (from simplified to highly detailed)
  • Assessing blast vulnerability, site security and perimeter control
  • Reducing the dangers of flying debris and building collapse
  • Providing strategic guidance and design criteria for blast-resistant design or retrofit, where necessary and cost-effective

Strategic Risk Management Consulting

Financial loss in natural disasters results from business interruptions, liability and property loss. We are our clients' trusted advisors for assessing, managing and reducing their risks over time. 

EQE®'s strategic approach begins with a conversation to help clients determine their natural hazards risk tolerances and goals. Next we assess risks and develop prioritized, realistic, cost-effective strategies for reducing risks in the client’s unique business context. Our strategic risk management projects range from individual facilities to entire countries on behalf of institutions such as insurers and reinsurers, the World Bank, national governments, and corporations. Contact us.