Strategic Advisors for Natural Hazards & Terrorism



NEWS: EQE is leading multiple on-site investigations following the Anchorage, AK earthquakes of November 2018.

EQE® is the strategic advisor for natural hazards risks and terrorism for companies worldwide. Our expertise is based on founder Peter Yanev’s experience building EQE International, which was the world’s premier risk engineering firm until its sale in 2000. 

We deliver comprehensive strategies for evaluating, managing and reducing clients' natural hazards and terrorism risks using exceptional engineering skills combined with first-hand disaster knowledge developed over more than 40 years. Our consultants have directly observed the effects of disasters and terrorism on businesses and institutions, including over 120 post-disaster investigations of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, tsunamis, explosions, and other man-made disasters.

What makes EQE® Consulting different?

First-hand experience
Our consultants have unmatched first-hand experience with the actual effects of past disasters on businesses through more than 40 years of post-disaster investigations. Our work is based on reality and not limited to pure engineering.

Proven cost savings
Our clients save money and time through clear priorities and creative recommendations that minimize physical improvements and construction unless absolutely necessary.

Bespoke teams
Each project team is assembled from highly specialized engineers and risk management experts. We match resources precisely to meet our clients’ needs.

Clear communication
We communicate our findings in concise and understandable language. This helps everyone understand the risks and solutions and leads to more successful implementation of our recommendations.

Big-picture focus
We focus our business acumen and technical skills on the big picture of our clients' risks and solutions. We are strategic consultants, and outstanding engineering is one of our key tools.