Michael Feldman

Garry D. Myers, Advisory Board Member and Senior Consultant, is an expert in the vulnerability of infrastructure to both natural and man-made hazards, including terrorist attacks and process explosions.

In 1972 Mr. Myers founded MHP Inc., a Los Angeles-based structural engineering company specializing in structural design, especially for natural hazards. He also co-founded SidePlate Systems, Inc., which develops patented structural technology for steel-framed buildings and which was acquired by Warren Buffett’s MiTek Corporation in 2009. In 2013 Mr. Myers co-founded MKC Global Protection, Inc., of which he is currently CEO, to consult in the terrorist blast and vulnerability assessments fields. The Glendale, California-based firm is active in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific Island Nations. Mr. Myers has also consulted and served on commissions worldwide including in Russia, Estonia, India, UAE, Iraq, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece and the Philippines.

Mr. Myers studied Civil Engineering at Northwestern University and South Dakota State University and is a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in California and elsewhere.  He is a member of numerous professional associations and serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the YMCA in Long Beach, CA.